Our Process

Complete An Application
Once you have chosen your preferred design, our team will send you an account application
We Create Your Account
Once your application is received, we can create your billing and property data accounts
We’ll Send Your Deposit Invoice
We will send out your 50% deposit invoice to kickstart your website build
You Pay Your Deposit
You can pay your 50% deposit online or via direct deposit - just follow the instructions on your invoice
We Build Your Site
Once your deposit payment is received our team will start work on your new website
We Copy Your Content
During the build process we will copy over content, such as your Company Profile, from your exisitng site
You Approve Your New Site
We will send through a preview link for approval and to ensure you're happy with your new website
We’ll Send Your Final Invoice
We will send out your invoice for the remaining 50% of the website build
You Pay Your Final Invoice
As with your 50% deposit invoice just follow the payment instructions for an online or bank transfer payment
You Contact Realestate.com.au*
To pre-populate your account we need to get an extract from Realestate.com.au of your property data
We Launch Your New Site
We will arrange the necessary steps required for your domain name to be updated so your new site is launched

* Contacting Realestate.com.au: you only need to do this if you are getting a new iDashboard account and want to upload your listings to Realestate.com.au automatically. This requires us to get a mandatory data extract from Realestate.com.au and we won’t be able to upload for you until this is done. We will guide you through this step and as a bonus the extract will automatically populate your account with all of your current and historical sales and rentals.

If you are an existing iDashboard customer we can skip this step as your properties will automatically appear on your new site. If you are bringing your own CRM (real estate software), we will work with you to ensure we get an initial bulk import of your current listings from your existing CRM.